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Ms. Gilmore's Story

As a young girl, my friends and I often caught the bus and excitedly headed for “The Square.” I loved the wonderful shoppes. Around noon, we stopped at the dime store lunch counter for a Coke and my favorite egg salad sandwich. We would then head over to the candy counter filled with the most amazing and delicious chocolates.

Once in a while, I joined my mother for lunch in the Garden Room at Heer’s. What a special treat that was! When I was 16, my girlfriends and I traveled to Springfield from our homes in Branson. We couldn’t wait to go to Nellie Dunn’s to try on vintage clothing and dig through the many treasures contained there. Of course, my eyes wandered all over the amazing building thinking of where the beautiful tin ceiling lead, and wishing it was all mine.

To honor these special times and wonderful stores, I’ve named our entrées after many of Springfield’s cherished historic sites. I hope you remember your visit with us as fondly as I remember dime store egg salad sandwiches and eating chocolates on the bus rides home!

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     Gilmore's nestles between Chabom Teas & Spices and Big Momma’s Coffee & Espresso Bar on historic Commercial Street. The building occupied by Gilmore's was part of a manufacturing complex built by Freemasons in 1874 for Parce and Gray wagon builders. The name Gilmore's was changed in 2020 from Ms. Gilmore's Tearoom and Vintage Suitcase Emporium, after a changing of hands in the business. 


     Since then, the space’s inhabitants have included a clothing company, a men’s fine fashion retailer, a salvage and sales company, Nellie Dunn’s Antiques & Collectibles and The Style shoppe. Today, the proprietors of Gilmore's call 211 East Commercial home.